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Sen Ikeda, a detective in New York, receives a mysterious invitation to Shironagasu Island in the testament of a millionaire.
Together with Neneko Izumozaki, a girl with special abilities, he travels to the secluded island.
Solve numerous mysteries and murders!
Meet enigmatic and captivating characters!
Discover the hidden secret of Shironagasu Island!
Stay alive and escape from the ominous island!

A point-and-click visual novel game.
Discover its secrets, solve its mysteries, and escape from the ominous island!


Title :Return to Shironagasu Island
Game Genre :visual novel
Game producer:Hyogo Onimushi
Price :$4.99
OS :Windows Vista/7/8/10
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The lead character and a private detective in New York.
Although Ikeda has a shady background, he has a unique sense of intuition.
At the request of Ada Higgins, he travels to Shironagasu Island.
Ikeda is one of the few people who Neneko trusts.


Neneko is a genius who is fluent in 20 different languages but is socially awkward, making it difficult for her to talk to strangers. Her stuttering doesn't make things easier either.
She has a photographic memory, which will come in handy in her work as Ikeda's assistant on Shironagasu Island.
 Neneko Izumozaki

Ada is the sole daughter of Roy Higgins, an aristocrat living in the Five Towns in New York.
After reading her father's remorseful suicide note and the mysterious invitation he was sent, Ada asks detective Ikeda to investigate her father's death as well as Shironagasu Island.
She is in poor health and has a pale complexion.

Akira is the heiress of the aristocratic Scottish Edgworth family.
She comes to Shironagasu Island to discover the truth about her father, to whom the invitation was actually sent.
Akira tells detective Ikeda to not look into the island's secrets, which would mean that she knows more about them than she is letting on.
 Akira Edgworth

Gisele is Akira's Edgworth attendant.
She is cold as ice with an impregnable expression.
There's something mysterious about her.

 ジゼル リード

Riehl works as an internist in the Washington suburbs.
She came to Shironagasu Island on behalf of her infirm uncle, so she doesn't know a lot about the island's secrets.
Her medical skills will prove very handy if there is ever an autopsy that has to be carried out.
Riehl likes to drink.

Aurora is a young girl who has taken a liking to detective Ikeda.
It appears that she has important information about Shironagasu Island that's at the tip of her tongue.
As the game's story progresses, her storyline will have an unexpected twist!

It appears that Jacob knows more about the secrets of Shironagasu Island than he's letting on.
Although he will give detective Ikeda some information, he only gives him half the story.
Jacob is a functioning alcoholic with a penchant for expensive wines.

An obese doctor who is a longtime acquaintance of Jacob.
It appears that although he knows about the secrets of Shironagasu Island, he's doing his utmost best to make sure that they will never see the light of day.

Alex was sent to Shironagasu Island as a representative.
He is combative to Ikeda, as he knows about his background in New York.
Although Alex appears to be trying to uncover Shironagasu Island's secrets, he also seems to be harboring several secrets himself...

The butler of the Louis Associe Guest House on Shironagasu Island, Vincent appears to be extremely shrewd.
He conveys the messages of Sir Raymond, the administrator of Shironagasu Island, to all of the guests.

Derivative works (fan works) of "Return to Shironagasu Island" are only allowed to be made and distributed for non-commercial use. The creation and distribution of R and NC-17 rated content and merchandise is also allowed. However, commercial use without special permission is prohibited. The creation, streaming, and uploading of Let's Play videos is permitted. However, considering that this is a visual novel, there is a risk that many viewers will end up watching the videos or streams without actually buying game. Because of this, we would very much appreciate it if you would encourage your viewers to buy the game themselves as well if they enjoy it. Thanks a bunch!

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